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Croatia’s coastline is scattered with idyllic islands to explore from a luxury cruise. Historical sites and towns along with Mediterranean weather, make for a perfect trip.

For travellers in the know, the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia has become a popular alternative to the pricier and more crowded Mediterranean Coast, and a Croatian cruise aboard a small luxury yacht is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful and exciting region. To sail Croatia is to cruise from one UNESCO World Heritage site to another, stopping along the way to swim at secluded beaches, explore uninhabited islands and wander streets lined with charming cafés and Venetian architecture.

Deluxe cruises of the Croatian coastline will make clear why the region has become the newest European tourism hot spot. Croatia sailing cruises include city tours of UNESCO World Heritage sites, visits to tiny island fishing villages, and plenty of time spent relaxing on the beach and swimming in crystalline waters. Most Adriatic cruises will feature some or all of the highlights listed below.

Za putnike koji znaju, dalmatinska obala u Hrvatskoj postala je popularna alternativa skromnijoj i više prometnoj mediteranskoj obali, a hrvatsko krstarenje malom luksuznom jahtom jedan je od najboljih načina za istraživanje prekrasne i uzbudljive regije. Za plovidbu Hrvatska je na krstarenju s jednog mjesta na UNESCO-ve Svjetske baštine, zaustavljajući se na putu za kupanje na osamljenim plažama, istražujući nenaseljene otoke i lutajuće ulice okružene šarmantnim kafićima i venecijanskom arhitekturom. Luksuzna krstarenja hrvatskom obalom razjasnit će zašto je regija postala najnovija europska turistička točka. Krstarenja Jadranom uključuju ture gradova UNESCO-ve svjetske baštine, posjete malim otočkim ribarskim mjestima i mnogo vremena provedenog na opuštanju na plaži i kupanju u kristalnim vodama. Većina krstarenja na Jadranu sadržavat će neke ili sve najvažnije događaje navedene u nastavku.


Split, a common departure points for island-hopping cruises of the Dalmatian Coast, hides a wealth of artistic and historical treasures within its walls. A UNESCO World Heritage site and working port city, Split blends the ancient and the modern, making it one of the most fascinating and atmospheric cities in Europe. Dripping with Roman relics, Split’s claim to fame is Diocletian’s Palace. Though dating back to the year 305, this is no musty museum. The Palace is a living part of the city, with laundry hanging from balconies and music drifting out from bustling restaurants.

The Makarska Coast, also known as the “Makarska Riviera” is Croatia’s most popular mainland resort. Featuring excellent beaches and a spectacular mountain backdrop, Makarska also offers some of the region’s best wines. Wandering the town of Makarska offers the opportunity to visit numerous churches and cathedrals, as well as two ancient monasteries. Visitors seeking adventure activities can head for nearby Cetina for white water rafting and ziplining.

Korčula Island, covered in thick forest and stippled with mountains, is the location of Korčula Town, known as both the birthplace of Marco Polo and as one of the prettiest towns in the region. The walled town has terracotta roofs that seem to burn in the sun, contrasted with the blue of the surrounding Adriatic. Sun worshipers will find a series of small beaches east of town, while culture buffs can remain within the town walls to visit its many churches, art shops and the Marco Polo House.

Mljet Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Covered in dense woods and punctuated with limestone mountains, a third of Mljet’s surface consists of the Mljet National Park. Visitors can hike or cycle through the park or take a boat ride on one of its two salt-water lakes. The island is also rich with wildlife, including wild boar, hare, and deer, while underwater is grouper and the protected monk seal. Mljet’s coast is dotted with beautiful beaches, including Saplunara, at its southeastern tip, considered one of the best beaches in the region.

Hvar Island is a favourite holiday getaway for Croatians, and it’s not difficult to see why. In addition to sparkling coves and sweet-smelling lavender fields, Hvar Island features Hvar Town, the perfect spot to wander the Old Town, admire Venetian architecture, and hike to the hilltop Fortica to enjoy the views. After a gourmet meal at one of the town’s restaurants, set out to explore the pristine beaches of the nearby Pakleni Islands, before heading back at sundown to enjoy dancing and cocktails at an after hours beach bar.

Stari Grad, on Hvar Island, lies at the end of a long bay and serves as a quieter, more leisurely alternative to Hvar Town. Founded by the Greeks in 384 BC, Stari Grad is the oldest town in the region and, in fact, its name means “Old Town”. Outside this stately and charming town lay fields still divided the ancient Greek method of parcelling.

Vis was off limits to tourism until 1989, due to its status as a military installation. Now, visitors can enjoy this largely untouched island, with its superb beaches and an impressive inland mountain chain. The town of Vis features Venetian-Gothic architecture and the white-walled Our Lady of Spilica. The island is also home to the remains of Issa, an ancient Greek settlement and the oldest urban centre in Croatia.

Bol is a small town on the island of Brač and, though a simple fishing village, it has become a popular tourist stop due to its proximity to Zlatni Rat, one of the most iconic beaches in the Adriatic. Like a blade plunging into the sea, this golden sand beach changes shape with the tide. In addition to swimming, the waters and conditions here are perfect for windsurfing.

Dubrovnik typically serves as the starting or end point of Dalmatian Coast cruises, but it is worth spending an extra day or two to explore this UNESCO World Heritage site. Dubrovnik is known both for its massive Old City Walls and as a stand in for King’s Landing, the fictional city on the Game of Thrones television series. City tours will take visitors along the walls or to Game of Thrones-related sites. Visitors seeking a spot to enjoy a coffee or glass of local wine can head to the pedestrianized Stradun or ride the city cable car for majestic views of the city and surrounding sea.

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